• you are special...

  • There's only one you in the entire universe, and that's not a coincidence.


    You are born for a special purpose, and your body is perfectly designed to help you achieve your dreams in life.


    Download our free quiz to determine your unique body type, and understand more about:

    • The meaning and purpose of your unique body type

    • Your best diet and exercise types

    • Lifestyle to get the body you love

    • Your disease & imbalance tendency

    • Healing treatments that truly address your needs



    who created the quiz?

    Our Co-Founder and Wellness Director, Kimmana Nichols, is the third generation of an entire family of holistic healers and educators. Kimmana is an experienced health advisor and educator, sought after the world over. He is passionate about unlocking peak human potential and spends his time absorbed in the pursuit and perfection of healing wisdom arts.


    Most of the year he works in Bali, then tours teaching through America, Australia, SE Asia and Europe. He holds a degree in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Pune and is also a qualified Yoga Therapy Instructor. He co-created ThaiVedic Systems to merge his modern understandings from yoga and touch modalities, with the holistic wisdom and diagnostic brilliance of Ayurveda.

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