The Shocking Greatest Cause of Death

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical treatment is the third-leading cause of death in the USA (including consumption of conventional pharmaceutical medicine) after heart disease and cancer.

    Unfortunately, not many of us are aware that conventional medical treatments might lead to more disease. This lack of understanding leads to numerous health mishaps, unnecessary hospitalisation and unnecessary expenditure on pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures.





    Here's the Key to Avoiding Medical Errors

    We believe that education is a major aspect of health promotion activity. Health education allows you to be proactive and therefore avoid the doctor and over-medication. Health education provides you with the tools to take better care of yourself.​

    As we become more aware of our wellbeing and focus on disease prevention, health promotion reduces the costs that you and your family would spend on medical treatment.






    That's Why We Do What We Do!

    With this spirit, we bring you the best wellness and sustainable living education, which will help you to create a sustainable change in your health and vitality.

    Creating a life that is more holistically healthy and happy is at your fingertips.





    Vitality Now Ayurvedic Detox Retreat Bali

    by Kimmana Nichols | Noosa, Australia | October 11th - 18th, 2019


    This detox retreat is made for you, especially if health issues have been stopping you from living your best life.


    Imagine This. You have a goal that you want to achieve, a role that you need to play, or a responsibility that you need to fulfil. Yet, you don't have the energy or mental capacity to handle that, sustainably.


    For more than 10 years of clinical practice as a Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kimmana constantly witnessed the struggle that his clients experience to move out of their health issues.

    In Ayurveda, a detoxification process (Shodana) is essential to move out of health issues as it pulls the doshas (body defects) by their roots and provides quick recovery. Unfortunately, an Ayurvedic detox can be costly due to many factors.


    We've personally received so many benefits from Ayurvedic deox, and wished that more people can take advantage of its positive impact. It became our mission to create an Ayurvedic Detox Program which was more affordable and accessible for people in need.

    Investment: Starting from AUD 999

    200hr Intensive Holistic Yoga Therapist Training

    by Kimmana Nichols, Sebastian Bruno, Barbra Noh | India | Jan 2 - 30, 2020

    Every human is gifted with innate self-healing powers when immersed in the right environment. The ThaiVedic Yoga, Holistic Yoga Therapist Training, will equip you will tools to assess and know what is blocking the natural healing mechanisms of an individual. You will be able to assess yourself and others, find the root cause of disease and create powerful healing environments that reawaken the healing powers of the body and mind.

    Investment: Starting from USD 4,750

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