We believe...

    that learning can come in many different forms and is not limited to only institutional schools. For us, we find that travelling has been one of our greatest sources of learning.


    Therefore, we've been fortunate enough to be able to continuously travel, not only collecting memories and friends but also receiving priceless learning curves that we wouldn't get if we were just stuck in one place.


    And that's why we teach. Because we know that this is the reason why we were born into this world: to explore and experience the unknown and share it back with the people that might not necessarily see what we saw, experience what we experienced.




  • Just like an astronaut that needs to go to unknown places,

    to come back and share their findings,

    we share our findings through teaching.






    Our hope is that through what we share (and trial-error in life), people can take something valuable (or wisdom perhaps :) ), that can be applied in their daily life.

    If the timeless Ayurvedic wisdom can change our life (and millions other) for the better, we believe it can change your life too. You can just subscribe to regularly hear from us.


    Zia & Kimmana