We believe that change for a truly healthier and happier life requires the right knowledge and tools.

    Our role here is to support and facilitate you, by providing trustworthy information and tools that give real results, to achieve true health and happiness.


    So we're most grateful when we can share our gifts and witness life-changing results in our clients' lives.





  • "Zia & Kimmana are the best human being I've ever met - and I am not exaggerating! Zia has this ability to channel the right wisdom for each person she met, and Kimmana complement her by also explaining the wisdom in a more scientific approach. They made me understand that 'to be healthy' is not only to be in a prime physical condition, but also to bring out the best qualities of ourselves."

    ~ Gadis Azahra, Award Winning Changemaker, Indonesia

    "I found Holistic Nomads' YouTube account is very helpful, thank you very much! You both are angels!"

    ~ Asteriska 'Ichyl', Singer, Indonesia

    "I love Holistic Nomads' YouTube channel! I've been watching it for two years now, and it's very informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much for your work!"

    ~ @Chewiron

    "I love to listen to your videos! You are both doing that in such a loving way and there is so much valuable information. Thank you so much for sharing all this."

    ~ Viviane Riesterer, Netherlands


  • "In 3 months of working with Kimmana not only did my skin clear up 100% and my digestion improve dramatically, my energy also increased to a level higher than I had experienced since the age of 19. "

    ~ Dallas Cyr, Life Coach, USA

    "Anyone looking to improve their health, mind and spirit and is wanting to dive into their true selves will not only love Kimmana's session, but find it so easy they would have wished they had met Kimmana Years ago."

    ~ Victoria Von Groski, Pilates Teacher, England

    "My session With Zia was amazing. Her touch is firm and precise with a spiritual tingle! I felt very safe and nurtured. Zia has angelic presence that is very healing. I recommend having a session with her highly-it has certainly helped me in relaxing and releasing more effectively."

    ~ Amanda Hogg, Singer, Australia

    "Kimmana provided me with valuable information about my diet and eating habits that I was able to apply with no issues. During the session he was fully present at all times. This made the session run really comfortably and smoothly. I was lucky to find a person with such understanding in his field."

    ~ Santiago Nogueras, Sports Dietitian, Argentina

    "I received huge improvement within 1 day of applying Kimmana's treatment advice. Every day my condition improved and I could hardly believe how much more effective Kimmana’s treatment was. I am over the moon and would recommend Kimmana if you have any ailments, he is amazing!"

    ~ Erika Devi, Theta Healing Practitioner, Bali

    "Kimmana was able to give me practical solutions to the health problems I was dealing with, along with clarifying the mixed messages I'd been receiving over the years, in regards to my health. I have much appreciation for this!"

    ~ Emma Power, Tantra Teacher, Australia

    "Kimmana has had a profound effect on my life and continues to do so. I would highly recommend him to anyone who crosses his path. Even if you think, 'I don't need to see a doctor,' just go have a chat with him, you'd be surprised what you get out of him."

    ~ Krystal Patience, Marketing Manager, Denmark

    "I wish I had found Kimmana 10 years ago, and I would recommend him to anyone who feels they could benefit from some sound healthcare advice. Without a doubt this was the most wisely spent money of my life."

    ~ Becca MacMahon, England

    "I'd struggled with my health for years but after just one session with Kimmana not only have I lost weight but I am feeling positive, calm and energised. I've never felt better."

    ~ Chelsea Lamond, Australia

    "What a great life changing impact have both Kimmana & Zia had on me. I arrive with a direction and now I have a path. All through my life I have had an allergy reactions to bites and stings and finally I have given a solution."

    ~ Tracey Lester, United Kingdom

    "After I had a session with Kimmana, I felt great and I have never experienced myself this way. He's such a professional and so knowledgable. Seeing him is like seeing a doctor who can really make a difference. He's quite incredible, really."

    ~ Kathy De Foe, USA

    "Kimmana helped me with period pain which was unbearable every month. In only a few weeks of following his treatment my pain was completely gone. He also prescribed Ayurvedic medicine for my asthma, which has immensely improved ever since. I highly recommend booking an appointment with him."

    ~ Anonymous

    "As one that experienced Alternative Medicine before, I can say that only a few that are really good and have a vast knowledge on both Alternative Medicine and in Western Medicine. Kimmana is most definitely one of those few healers and I will advice anyone who suffers from any discomfort, and encounters Kimmana to get his help."

    ~ Hagai Frost, Israel

    "My husband and I found Kimmana to be very approachable, knowledgeable and very professional. We were given much health insights and will take up his advice to improve our health in due course from the emails sent to us."

    ~ Raj & Nayna, Australia

    "I found Kimmana to be very knowledgable, professional and a truly delightful human being. I certainly learnt a lot and most importantly had an opportunity to talk through things that had been puzzling or concerning me about my health. It was incredibly therapeutic. I would certainly seek face to face consultations with him again in the future."

    ~ Ros, Australia

    "I have benefitted immensely from Kimmana's session. He was very knowledgeable and conveyed his wealth of information in a way that was thoughtful and easy to understand. I left the session armed with practical information I utilised that evening, with great results. I was also impressed by his commitment to me outside of our hourly session. It was a great experience."

    ~ Lauren, Australia

    "I was very happy with my appointment with Kimmana. I felt all the way through that he was listening to what I was looking for.
    I am also very happy with the information he has designed for me, very much taking into account my lifestyle and likes and dislikes. I have certainly learnt a lot and will definitely be following his suggestions, and learning more."

    ~ Debbie, Australia


  • "Collaborating with Kimmana has just been awesome. I love this guy - he is an amazing teacher, friend and spiritual brother to me."

    ~ Barbra Noh, Renowned Yoga Teacher, Germany

    "Zia is fun & knowledgeable in her own way. The wisdom that she shares is perfect & applicable for my needs and happiness. She really inspires me."

    ~ Sherly Stephanie, Owner of Svasti Essential Oils, Indonesia

    "I have now been meditating for 7 months since your class which inspired me to start a regular practice. It has played a big part in me being more present and ability to be in touch in with my inner peace, something I’ve never experienced in my life before and WOW it feels amazing! I am so grateful for how you have initiated my spiritual journey."

    ~ Cherry N. Sivaporn, Thailand